VIEW FINAL REPORT (PHASE I)The City Council approved the CPAC’s recommendation of $104,500 to the municipally-owned historic site of Wistariahurst Museum for the update of decaying and unsafe electrical wiring in the Main House building. Funds will go toward replacement of old fuse boxes; bringing electrical system up to code; adding additional ground outlets throughout the event and performance spaces, replacing or rewiring of old fixtures and other electrical repairs as needed

Wistariahurst is an historic estate built in Holyoke in 1874 and listed on the National Register for Historic Places, the Massachusetts Register of Historic Places, and is noted as a significant building with a public orientation in the Holyoke Community Preservation Plan (HCPP). The site consists of two buildings, referred to as the Main House and Carriage House, and historically-inspired grounds and gardens. The property is protected by a preservation restriction held by the Massachusetts Historic Commission (MHC).

Wistariahurst’s public programs and offerings engage around 10,000 participants annually, with many more people enjoying the grounds and facilities on their own. Educational, community, and cultural offerings are presented for free or low cost in order to increase access and encourage participation regardless of income status. Wistariahurst maintains close connections with the Holyoke public school system, providing field trips, resources for teachers, space for professional development, and High School internships. The overall audience is a balanced blend of Holyoke residents and members of surrounding communities drawn to Holyoke for the Museum's high-quality offerings.

Because of both disruptions caused by the pandemic and a discovery that the work required a greater need than originally anticipated, this project was restructured into two phases. (A Phase 2 for this project was awarded FY21 CPA funds in the amount of $55,000 to complete the work.)

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