The Alpine Apartments

This project will fund both the historic rehabilitation and the preservation of 123 Pine Street / The Alpine Apartments in the amount of $30,000 (façade) and $120,000 (housing envelope) respectively.

Currently owned by the City, these funds have been awarded to the Holyoke Redeveleopment Authority who will oversee the work of the Valley Opportunity Council who will carry out the work. This historic affordable housing structure is one of the City's priority endangered properties, as identified in the 2017 Holyoke Historic Preservation Plan. Constructed in 1901 as an 8-unit apartment building, the Alpine Apartments have been abandoned for many years. In the past, the Holyoke Redevelopment Authority completed environmental remediation on the site in the hopes of finding a development partner. The plan is for the City to sell the property (via HRA) to the Valley Opportunity Council which will complete the work on this building and create 8 modern units of affordable housing. VOC will use CPA funding to obtain additional funding from the state, finally making this a viable property which will contribute to the fabric of our historic City. The restoration of 123 Pine Street will greatly improve this neighborhood by bringing back to good use a blighted building. The redevelopment of neglected buildings like the Alpine Apartments raises the value of a neighborhood, including how it is perceived and experienced by the people who live there.