In FY23, the CPA awarded $250,000 in the category of Historic Preservation in support of a multi-year phased extensive rehabilitation of a set of 4 buildings addressed at 106 to 120 High Street located in the North High Street Historic District. Wrights Block was believed to be built around 1870 by Stephen Wright at the start of the planned urban center for the new industrial center of Holyoke. This part of the block is believed to be one of the oldest sections of High Street still remaining. Completed so far on the project is the rehabilitation of the first floor including 4 storefront spaces (3 of which were completed in 2020, one of which was existing), the installation of an automatic sprinkler system and a fire alarm throughout the block of buildings, along with new utility systems including a pad-mount transformer, new electric service and a new water main. This CPA funding is for the rehabilitation of the exterior facade of the building, including historically appropriate replacement windows, masonry restoration to the building envelop, and a new accessible ramp entrance.  All work completed on this project would comply with the US Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Rehabilitation.  This project will restore and preserve an important historical legacy of Holyoke’s past. When the buildings were added to the state historic registry, it was noted that “the block is one of the best preserved commercial blocks in Holyoke” particularly due to its contiguous configuration. The recent demolition of a building across the street has highlighted the importance of supporting the preservation of buildings in this area to ensure the contiguous historic facades on this block. The renovation of these buildings will reduce blight and increase economic development in a neighborhood that needs it. This corridor of High Street has been a major focus for the city's revitalization efforts and the plan to develop a mix of affordable and market-rate housing in this set of four buildings on High Street was made in conjunction with OPED. Here are the links for the project's