In FY23, $135,000 in CPA funding was awarded in the category of Historic Preservation to the Wistariahurst Museum for severe structural rot and damage on the covered porch facing Pine Street. This damage was uncovered during the repainting project while scraping back the old and flaking paint, when the deteriorated state of the columns and upper beam became apparent. The alarming state was hidden by the paint and wisteria vines for several years and it was only until this repainting restoration project was underway that the issue came to light. The current contractors working on the project, Homer, estimated that the porch had, at best, a year left before collapsing could begin. If that were to happen, the cost of repairs would escalate exponentially and become a much larger safety concern for the community. It is also important to complete this work at this time so that the ongoing painting work can be completed. Full Application here. Director of Wistariahurst Megan Seilor’s presentation is here.