In 2020 the Saint Patrick's Day Committee of Holyoke determined that important restoration of the John F. Kennedy Monument was necessary to replace broken granite slabs and realign slabs that had shifted due to New England freeze-thaw patterns.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza is south of Holy Cross Roman Catholic church in Holyoke. After President Kennedy's assasination, dedicated citizens raised funds to construct and dedicate this plaza in his honor. The plaza consists of a bust of the late President, flanked by large horizontal granite blocks on which excerpts from his inaugural address and his book Profiles in Courage have been engraved. At the rear of the plaza are six granite blocks listing JFK Award recipients and the Grand Marshals of the St. Patrick's Day Committee.

The final scope of work, which was completed Spring of 2022, included the restoration and realignment of the broken granite steps, cleaning of the top joints, application of polymeric sand on horizontal surfaces and application of color matching expandable caulking on the vertical surfaces. The memorial has been brought back to its former splendor and has been preserved for future generations.

View the Final Report with Before & After Images.