An award of $175,000 was granted to the Department of Conservation & Sustainability to fund the City of Holyoke’s acquisition and permanent open space protection of 14.1 acres of land (historically known as Crafts Hill) north of and adjacent to Scott Tower in Holyoke, MA. The funds will cover the purchase of the land from Kestrel Land Trust, Inc. as well as the initial design costs, professional services, closing fees, etc., necessary for the restoration of Anniversary Hill Park. Acquisition of this property is an important precursor to revitalizing the adjacent Anniversary Hill and its well-known landmark, Scott Tower, which together comprise a beautiful 59.65 acre historical park close to downtown Holyoke that has been underutilized for decades. This project will fund a portion of design expenses, an immediate need which will be critical for accessing State grant funding to secure the land and begin plotting a course for the broader park. This acquisition will allow the expansion of Community Field Park and fits within the broader vision of recreational space and economic development in Holyoke. This land acquisition will also enable future generations of Holyokers to access and enjoy the view from Scott Tower.