In 2021, $95,900 was awarded to the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts (MIFA) for the restoration of the murals which were prominantly displayed on either side of the stage of the Victory Theatre. The initial plan was for the restoration of the entire mural to be installed temporarily in the City Hall Ballroom for a public exhibit pending the final rehabilitation of the Victory Theatre, but the fragility of sections of the murals made that plan impossible. We are currently working on an alternative plan to restore the murals and store them safely while sections are placed in exhibition at a local municipal building. More project details coming soon! 

From the MIFA website: "The Victory, a 1,600 seat Broadway-style theater opened in 1920 and has been derelict since 1979. In 2009 MIFA acquired the Victory Theatre located at 81-89 Suffolk Street Holyoke, Massachusetts. MIFA envisions the transformation of the Victory Theatre into a great cultural institution in the Northeast. The Victory Theatre restoration is anticipated to be a catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Holyoke. The restored theater will be the anchor of Holyoke's Arts and Theater District in addition to creating and increasing commerce and tourism in the Greater Holyoke area.  The restoration of the Victory will also provide crucial access to arts education for the community, regional schools K-12, and local colleges...The restoration of the Victory and its proposed programming will make Holyoke the focal point for the arts in the Pioneer Valley and leverage the arts as a force for economic development in Holyoke."

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