In FY23, the CPA awarded $32,500 in funds in the category of Open Space and Recreation for a boundary survey and design of a master plan for Jones Point Park. Jones Point Park located in Ward 7 on Cleveland Street and Oxford Road. The park is in a unique location because it is adjacent to the Connecticut river and has a little trail that goes back into a wooded area. The park sits on a 24.5-acre plot of land which currently has an open area that consists of a 75ft baseball diamond, a mid-sized soccer field, a full-size basketball court, a newly constructed tennis court (4 playing courts), and a set of swings for youngsters remaining where an unsafe playground structure was removed earlier in FY23. This project will respond to a current layout of amenities that underutlizes the assets of the park. The open space that is used is only a sliver of what the entire plot of land has to offer.  This project would benefit Holyoke residents as well as visitors from the region because of what this park potentially could offer for open space and recreational activities. The park gets used by our Holyoke Youth Baseball and Soccer Leagues annually as well as some other organizations that rent use of the space. We have seen an increase in use since the renovation of tennis courts in 2017 and hope to maximize the future utilization of the park. This project will directly involve the community by holding meetings where they can share their input and ideas for what they would like to see in that location. Jones Point Park is a city owned park. It is maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department and the Department of Public Works. Here are the links for the project's presentation