In FY23 $44,500 in CPA funding was awarded to the Department of Conservation and Sustainability in the category of Open Space and Recreation for the the acquisition of 7.24 acres of forested land associated with one of the headwaters of Day Brook, adjacent to Anniversary Hill Park and Community Field. These parcels constitute some of the last remaining unprotected open space surrounding the above-ground section of Day Brook before it joins the sanitary sewer on Hicks Ave. Acquisition by the city will allow for inclusion of these properties into overall restoration plans for Anniversary Hill Park. These parcels are surrounded by the park and contain important trail infrastructure that allows for better footpath access from the main entrance underneath I-91 from Community Field. Now that the appraisals have been completed and relevant owners have agreed to the sale of their land, the intent of this application is to acquire CPA funding as a match for a recently submitted Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant, which requires a match. This acquisition also ties into a secondary project aimed at addressing localized flooding and combined-sewer overflows through the creation of green infrastructure throughout key arteries of the city. Our city's Community Preservation Plan directly names this type of project as a priority under the category of Green Infrastructure, focusing on "Erosion, pollution, and flooding challenges exacerbated by climate change and aging infrastructure," "Improvements to open space can increase resiliency to storm events and flood damage," and "Improvements to stormwater infrastructure that can improve water quality." Full application here.