Gloutak Woods

PROJECT COMPLETE.  The City Council approved $177,900 in CPA funds for the purchase of a 51.7 acre parcel of forested land adjacent to Gloutak Park on Rock Valley Road.

The City of Holyoke will own the land, which will be permanently protected from development and monitored by Kestrel Land Trust. The parcel is being conserved for its natural resources, especially wildlife values, and will be available to local residents for passive recreation. ATV and bulldozing activity will be prohibited. There is existing informal public access to the land via Gloutak Park as well as through some older logging trails and those established by local residents. Conservation of the parcel will help retain the character of Rock Valley, and we are pleased to support this project.

Update: Gloutak Woods has been purchased by the City of Holyoke, permanent signage has been posted, and the the Conservation Restriction on this land was recorded on Nov. 11, 2020. This is the first CPA Open Space project in the City of Holyoke! 

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