The City Council approved $80,000 to the Department of Public Works for the Phase III of the City Hall Stained Glass Windows Restoration Project. These funds will rehabilitate up to two (2) stained glass windows including Window #12 (last window on the west side of City Hall) and possibly Window #3 (east side of City Hall). If bid pricing does not allow for the rehabilitation of the 2nd window: 1 window will be rehabilitated along with the removal and crating of the remaining ballroom windows (#1, #2, #4, and #5) and possibly one or both of the small windows removed from the rear of the City Hall (#6 and #7) as part of the current project will take place.

This is the third phase of the Stained Glass Windows Restoration (the first phase was completed in 2015; the second phase was completed with FY19 CPA funding).

This elaborate building, known for its Gothic Revival architectural style, was completed in 1876 and designed by Charles B. Atwood and H.F. Kilburn. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and within the North High Street Historic District. The building houses the city administrative offices and also serves as a downtown gathering space for the Holyoke community in the palatial Ballroom where the the stained glass restoration will take place. The stained glass windows, designed by the celebrated 19th century Boston artist, Samuel West, were originally located on the west side of the City Hall Ballroom, facing High Street but have since been removed due to poor condition. Through a funding match from the Massachusetts Historic Preservation Fund, up to two windows are expected be restored.

Phase 3 Work on the Stained Glass City Hall Restoration Project has been completed.

Images of Window 3 Restoration (Excerpt with Before/After Photos).

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