Holyoke Boys and Girls Club Playground

PROJECT COMPLETE. WATCH THE VIDEO An award in the amount of $359,689 was approved by the City Council for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holyoke for a two-phase rehabilitation of the playground located at 70 Nick Cosmos Way.

WATCH THE VIDEO showing Before & After images!

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Scope of Work:

The funds will provide for the refurbishment of basketball courts, the installation of a new play facility and the installation of green infrastructure and other related capital improvements. The Club will resurface the basketball court area, install two new basketball hoops, bleachers, scoreboard, and improve the lighting and painting of the court. They will repurpose two underutilized half-basketball courts into an open space and a new playground. The park/playground will remain open to the public when not in use by the Club. The Boys and Girls Club has 1,359 registered members from the City of Holyoke and is proud to work with nearly 75% of the youth population, demonstrating a commitment to  low-income youth and families.


Previous Update from Nov. 22, 2019:

The Holyoke Boys and Girls Club issued a competitive formal request for proposal to more than six (6) contractors and selected Mountain View Landscapes (MVL) to manage the full design and construction of the Park Restoration Project. HBGC, MVL, and Department of Public Works discussed the project scope, stormwater drain implications, and implementation stages in detail. MVL initiated demolition of park and removal of existing playground equipment (including basketball courts and existing playground surface area) on November 13, 2019. MVL will oversee and manage the reclaiming of all existing asphalt in playground the week of November 18, 2019 weather permitting. All reclaimed asphalt will be reused to help reduce additional costs. HBGC & MVL will initiate purchasing park equipment, playground equipment, supplies, and materials for Phase Iand Phase II. MVL states that formal completion of Phase I as well as Phase II will be entirely dependent on cooperation of weather from November, 2019 - April, 2020.

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From December 23, 2019: 

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