City Hall Annex Lanterns

PROJECT COMPLETE. The City Council approved the CPAC's recommendation of $500 in funding to the Department of Public Works to replicate and replace two historic lanterns on the City Hall Annex building at 20 Korean Veterans Plaza.

The two lanterns were originally located on the north side of the exterior of the City Hall Annex located behind Holyoke City Hall. In 2015, the lanterns were removed from the building due to severe damage. The damaged lanterns were missing their glass panels, which allowed generations of birds to nest inside their enclosures, causing further damage. The restored lanterns will be completed local Holyoke artisan, Kamil Peters at DieselWorks and powder-coated by Westside Finishing.  The lanterns will restore the exterior of the Annex to its original appearance and help maintain the historic fabric of this municipal building which is included on the State Register of Historic Places. The new lanterns will restore and maintain the historic features that make our city unique.


UPDATE: The Annex Lanterns are now complete! They are fully installed outside the Annex and electrified. See photo below. And come check them out in person!

 Annex Lanterns photo