The CPAC receives project requests, evaluates community needs in the areas for which CPA funding can be used, and makes recommendations to the City Council for the use of CPA funds. CPA funds cannot be appropriated or spent without the recommendation of the CPAC and subsequent approval by the City Council. In the process of determining how CPA funds are to be used, the CPAC consults with various committees that are knowledgeable about each of the community preservation program areas, and holds public hearings to gathers input from Holyoke residents. 

  • Jason Ferreira, Chair, Community Representative
  • Mike Falcetti, Vice Chair, Housing Authority Commission Representative
  • Mary Moriarty, Secretary, Conservation Commission Representative
  • Meagan MaGrath-Smith, Chair, City Council Representative
  • Maribel Ortiz, Community Representative
  • Franchesca Nunez, Community Representative
  • Christopher Gauthier, Historical Commission Representative
  • Helene Busby, Parks & Recreation Commission Representative 
  • Lauren Niles, Planning Board Representative
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CPA Manager

View CPAC Minutes.