What is the Community Preservation Act?

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a Massachusetts law that establishes a local community preservation fund for open space protection, historic rehabilitation, affordable housing and outdoor recreation in the city of Holyoke. Approved by voters in 2016, funds for the program are generated through a surcharge of up to 3 percent on property tax bills (Holyoke voters adopted a 1.5% surcharge), and an annual disbursement from the statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund, which distributes funds each November to CPA communities. The program is led by the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAC), a nine-member volunteer committee with the support of a staff member. Learn more about the Committee here.

FY19 Approved Projects

City Council voted to approve the following CPA projects:

  • Gloutak Woods - Kestrel Land Trust/Holyoke Conservation Commission for Rock Valley Rd; Open Space Acquisition (51.5 acres) - Conservation Land - $177,900

  • Dept. of Public Works/Friends of Holyoke City Hall for City Hall at 536 Dwight St Stained Glass Windows Restoration / Historic Rehabilitation - $75,000

  • Dept. of Public Works/Friends of Holyoke City Hall for City Hall for City Hall Annex Lanterns at 20 Korean Veterans Plaza; Historic Rehabilitation - $500

  • Parks and Recreation Dept/Friends of Historic Cemeteries for Smith's Ferry Cemetery Restoration on Route 5; Historic Rehabilitation - $5300

  • Holyoke Boys & Girls Club for 70 Cosmos Way / Park Renovation Project - Recreational Rehabilitation: $359,689

  • Voces de Esperanza for 348 Chestnut St / Historic Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing - $50,000

  • Voces de Esperanza/ 337 Chestnut St: Community Housing/Preservation - $50,000

  • Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts (MIFA) Victory Theatre for 81-89 Suffolk St. / Historic Rehabilitation of 63 light fixtures (sconces) - $100,000

  • 123 Pine Street - Holyoke Redevelopment Authority - Housing Preservation: $120,000; Historic Rehabilitation: $30,000
  • 43 Canal St./ Flats Community Headquarters - OneHolyoke CDC: Historic Rehabilitation - $32,000


Upcoming Committee Meetings (all meetings are open to the public)

Mon. June 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM:

Meeting Location: Holyoke City Hall, City Council Chambers (ground level)

All welcome to attend. All meetings will be recorded.

Application Process

Twelve of the original applicants who applied for eligibility have submitted full applications (listed above). The applications include 1 open space, 1 outdoor recreation, 8 historic rehabilitation and 2 historic rehabilitation/affordable housing creation project proposals. The CPC is now reviewing the applications and beginning discussions with applicants.

Great news! Our FY18 collections for CPA brought in $497,814, beyond our estimated budget of $450,000. Also, our state match for FY19 was $94,659 which exceeded expectations (at 19%). Read more about the state match here.

Also, we now have a dedicated Facebook page! Please "Like" us and check in frequently for news updates.

Our meetings are also available on Holyoke Media's Youtube Channel.

CPA Administrator

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Project Manager, via email or phone at (413) 561-1647 for inquiries. Office hours are by appointment (located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, Rm. 6 - ballroom level).

Application Deadlines

For a complete timeline, click here.